Support FAQs

Q: How do I get a driver for an Aptina sensor?
A:  A list of available drivers can be found here.  New requests can be created on Jira.
Q: What does the lock by the document mean?
A: Documents with a lock icon lock icon are secure documents that require an login for access. You'll also need to have access to that document's secure group. If you don't have secure group access, you'll be routed to a request access form when you click the document link.
Q: How do I access secure documents?
A: Our comprehensive data sheets are essentially design-in documents which provide virtually everything you'll need for your design. Many of these documents include confidential and proprietary information, so access requires a nondisclosure agreement (NDA).

If you have an NDA with us, please login or contact your Aptina representative for access. To request access to a particular protected document, use our contact form.
Q: Why do I need to fill out the long contact form to submit a question?
A: The long form allows us to best serve our customers by providing the information we need to properly route and address your request. We know it's a lot to fill out, but the information really is helpful; please be as accurate as you can.
Q: Where is the site search?
A: We're currently developing the search functionality on our site. In the meantime, use our dynamic part tables or documents search page to find what you’re looking for.
Q: Where can I find specific support information?
A: Some of our best support information is contained in our comprehensive technical notes. See our documents page for listings. We're also developing support FAQ sections on our individual solutions pages. Watch those spaces for more information.