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Envisioning more for PC camera designs

The world is in a visual revolution, and your PC camera designs need to be a part of it. They aren’t just the next best thing—they’re the now best thing and becoming more important to businesses and consumers worldwide.

Blurry or grainy images can send the wrong impression, but truly great images are more than clear—they’re perfectly suited to their purpose. No matter what uses you can envision for PC cameras, we have a brilliant imaging sensor solution for you. Design in Aptina’s technology and get outstanding image quality in virtually any lighting condition.

Read on to learn more about the PC camera market.
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The PC camera market is bigger than you think

IDC estimated that global shipments of PC cameras will grow to more than 49 million units in 2011—and that doesn’t even include the embedded PC camera market, which could place a camera in every monitor and laptop. Our image sensors are designed in by all PC camera OEMs but one. We also have a good share of the embedded market—we were chosen as the sole image sensor supplier for a line of top-selling notebook computers.

Where’s all the market growth coming from?

  • Videoconferencing
  • Internet posting and video emailing
  • Video instant messaging
  • Social networking services

CMOS owns the PC camera market

It may go without saying that CMOS technology is the only image sensor solution for PC cameras, but we like to repeat it anyway—over and over again. Hands down, CMOS offers a critical balance of image quality design advantages like low power consumption, ease of integration, and overall cost efficiencies. And if it’s an Aptina CMOS sensor, that’s even better.

What makes Aptina’s CMOS sensors great for the PC camera market? For one thing, our exclusive DigitalClarity technology dramatically reduces noise levels. This enables camera designs to deliver accurate, brilliant images in all kinds of light. Whether the camera is used to videoconference from a bright office or record a video email in a dimly lit coffee shop, our sensors offer a performance advantage. That performance advantage, which takes the form of best-in-class image quality, is based on the good dynamic range, low-light performance and fast frame rate that our CMOS image sensors provide. Our sensors are also available as stand-alone or complete camera system-on-a-chip (SOC) solutions, making them easy to integrate and easy to implement.

Aptina combines world-leading pixel technology with analog readout and digitization expertise to produce the highest-quality sensors. We make it easy for designers to get the most out of their PC camera designs. And in a high-growth market like this one, that’s saying something.


Fast frame rates
Ready to power the next YouTube and MySpace revolution? Fast frame rates enable HD quality video at 60fps and improve auto focus and image stabilization features important in any good embedded or stand alone PC camera solution.
Low-light sensitivity
Unless every PC cam you design will be used in brightly lit rooms or on sun decks, you will need a sensor sensitive to lighting. Our CMOS imagers take great pictures even in low-light conditions.
High dynamic range
Aim most PC cams at a window and all you see is nothing. We build sensors with high dynamic range so that you can design PC cams that provide great images in most lighting conditions.