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Complete imaging solutions for the mobile market

When you’re designing cameras into cutting-edge mobile applications, it’s crucial to work with a supplier who can provide not just sensors, but complete imaging solutions and world-class expertise. Aptina is uniquely poised to deliver exactly that. We’ll give you confidence in your designs—confidence that comes from partnering with an experienced leader in mobile imaging. Our long-held commanding share of this market is based on the fact that we offer the most compelling image quality and imaging solutions. What does that mean for you and your design needs?

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Superior Image Quality
Our world-leading pixel technology helps you capture, analyze, and render the clearest and most vibrant images possible.
The Right Fit
Image sensors ranging from VGA to 9Mp (and higher) meet requirements for the complete gamut of handsets, from entry-level to advanced smartphones.
Savvy Market Expertise
Our reflowable wafer-level camera modules—perfect for secondary camera slots or emerging-market handsets—are just one example of our leadership in delivering products that help you open new markets.
Complete Solutions
With stand-alone processing and integrated SOCs, we have the products and expertise to offer complete imaging solutions, from the lens to data output.

Read on to find out about Aptina’s mobile imaging.
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Mobile market drivers

In the world of mobile imaging, the camera phone is king. And with IDC projecting that camera phone shipments will reach 1 billion by 2010—this must-have mobile device is the biggest market driver by far for CMOS image sensors. Because, according to IDC, 100 percent of those 1 billion camera phones will use CMOS exclusively.

Whether it’s a basic camera phone or a full-featured smartphone, CMOS is the key to providing superior image quality, and Aptina is the world’s leading imaging solutions company.

Worth noting – key features, superior products

We’re synthesizing our foundational CMOS image sensor technology and proven imaging processing capabilities to bring DSC image quality to the mobile handset platform. We’ve long been the technology leader in pixel shrinks and ultra-small die sizes, but we’re constantly using our imaging expertise to add valuable features in other areas as well. We’ve integrated motion-adaptive features that reduce image blur and we’ve improved low light sensitivity for better performance in dimly lit environments.

On a product level, we’re providing complete solutions—SOCs that combine imaging and dedicated image processing and provide space, efficiency, and cost advantages. We’re also enabling new designs with reflowable wafer-level camera modules that can be used as secondary cameras for video conferencing or as primary cameras for emerging market handsets.

We’re solely focused on imaging—from world-leading pixel design to imaging processing and system design. And that expertise, combined with our thorough understanding of your mobile application requirements, gives you—our customer—a competitive advantage.

What’s next for mobile phone designs?

The answer is, a lot. Designers continue to pack multiple features into these small, handheld devices—MP3, GPS, WiFi, QUERTY keyboards, email, pictures, video conferencing. The sky’s the limit. They can perform a startling array of fun and practical functions. But with all of the bells and whistles these handsets offer, there’s one that has serious untapped potential—the embedded camera.

However, with Aptina’s sophisticated functionality and best-in-class image quality, the groundwork is in place to bridge mobile phones and DSCs and help consumers realize the full power and potential of their camera phones.



Fast Frame Rates
It takes a steady hand to take pictures with a camera phone, but fear not mobile handset designer, fast frame rates can improve image stabilization and even help transform your camera phone into an HD video camera.
Low Light Sensitivity
The mobile camera phone is all about convenience. You can take snap shots anywhere anytime. Our super sensitive CMOS imagers take great pictures even in low light conditions.
High-Definition (HD)
Bright, beautiful HD Video for mobile camera phone and digital camera applications.