DSLR and Mirrorless

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Whether you are a professional photographer or a prosumer you've got exacting standards for your photographs and only the highest quality equipment will do - bar none. You need a camera body that is going to capture the image you see, as you see, when you see it and you need glass in front of that body that is true. Underneath, at the core of it all there must be an image sensor that is designed to the same standards. That is where Aptina's DSLR and Mirrorless camera sensors line comes in.

We've been working with some of the leading camera manufacturers for years and put our R&D muscle behind a key initiative to build DSLR and Mirrorless camera sensors that will meet those exacting standards of the professional photographer. No detail is too small when building a DSLR or Mirrorless camera sensor - it must be able to accurately capture that lingering bright glowing ember from the brilliant fireworks explosion - and that glimmer in the eye of the lion stalking its prey while on safari - every possible scene captured with perfection. Explore further below to learn more about the unique benefits of our flagship DSLR and MIrrorless sensors.

Image taken with AR1411HS image sensor.

Image captured with AR1411HS image sensor.

Image taken with AR1011HS image sensor.

Image taken with AR1011HS image sensor.


Fast frame rates
Need a competitive edge for your DSLR? Fast frame rates can improve current features like auto focus and image stabilization while enabling DSLR burst modes.
Low-light sensitivity
Every single day consumers take snapshots in low-light conditions. Learn why our sensors perform so well in low light.
High-Definition (HD)
Bright, beautiful HD Video for mobile camera phone and digital camera applications.