Aptina A-Pix

About Aptina™ A-Pix™ Technology

Aptina A-Pix is a series of advanced pixel technologies, featuring lightguide and deep photodiode, and 65 nanometer pixel design rules that cost-effectively advance pixel performance. The new, third generation Aptina A-Pix enhances quantum efficiency and minimizes crosstalk to capture sharp images with vibrant colors even in the low-light conditions that challenge traditional sensors. Aptina has already shipped millions of imaging products containing earlier generations of Aptina's reliable and established FSI technology. Aptina A-Pix makes it possible for mobile phone cameras to capture quality images to compete with digital still cameras, and enables a new class of hybrid camera that combines digital still image capture with advanced high-performance HD video.

Gennadiy Agranov, Aptina's VP of Imaging Technology discusses Aptina™ A-Pix™ technology