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Aptina Advances Global Shutter Technology For High Speed Surveillance, Inspection And Scanning

Aptina Delivers 1/3-Inch, HD Image Sensor with Market Leading Global Shutter Capabilities

San Jose, CA, March 28, 2012 —

Aptina, a leading innovator of CMOS imaging technology, today announced the newest additions to the company’s growing portfolio of high performance imaging solutions with its launch of the MT9M031 and MT9M021 image sensors. The sensors integrate Aptina’s smallest, high performance global shutter technology for high speed image capture into a 1/3-inch optical format high definition (HD) device. The 3.75-micron global shutter pixel with exceptional low light performance can stop action without the artifacts typically associated with conventional rolling shutter pixels. The sensors will improve camera performance for a variety of applications within surveillance, machine vision, 2D scanning and high speed image capture where global shutter technology is necessary. The new sensors provide a performance upgrade to current WVGA global shutter sensor designs by providing HD video of up to 720p at 60fps in the most challenging environments.

“With over a decade of research on optimizing and shrinking global shutter pixels we are proud to unveil our latest advances in high performance global shutter technology,” said David Zimpfer, General Manager of Aptina’s Automotive Industrial Business Unit. “By shrinking the global shutter pixel to 3.75-microns we are able to provide high-speed motion capture capability in stunning HD resolution in the standard 1/3-inch optical format.”

The MT9M021 and the MT9M031 provide camera designers with a broad list of benefits to enable exemplary imaging performance in video applications like 2D bar code scanning, point of sales bar code scanning, factory automation inspection equipment, traffic cameras and high speed dome cameras. The sensors’ 1/3-inch optical format, an industry standard, makes it easy to find cost-effective megapixel lens. The new sensors deliver excellent image quality with Aptina’s leading 3.75-micron global shutter pixel performance along with the means to capture 720p/60 video in low light. Additionally, trigger mode and strobe light sync features enable 3D/stereo vision and license plate reading applications.

Global Shutter Technology
Aptina’s global shutter technology is a combination of innovative pixel, circuit and process design techniques that enable the capture of sharp images and improves image quality for digital still and video cameras even when objects are moving at high speed. With global shutter technology all pixels in the imaging array are exposed starting at the same time and stopping at the same time. This contrasts with the conventional rolling shutter that starts the exposure one row at a time and stops the exposure one row at a time which introduces distortion and artifacts in images of fast moving objects. As a result, Aptina’s global shutter technology improves the quality and capability of machine vision, automotive, surveillance and scanning cameras.

Sampling now, Aptina’s MT9M021 will be in mass production in CYQ2 2012. It is available in 9mm x 9mm, 64-pin, iBGA packages. Also sampling now, Aptina’s MT9M031 will be in mass production in CYQ2 2012. It is available in 10x10mm, 48-pin iLCC packages.


About Aptina
Aptina is a global provider of CMOS imaging solutions that enable Imaging Everywhere™. Using performance enhancing technologies like Aptina A-Pix™, DR-Pix™ and award winning MobileHDR™, Aptina has created a market-leading portfolio of image sensor products found in leading consumer electronics like smartphones, tablets, laptops, digital and video cameras, as well as applications in surveillance, automotive, medical, video conferencing, and gaming. Aptina drives innovation in the market with industry recognized products like the AR0331 surveillance image sensor and the 16MP APS-C DSLR sensor. Privately held, Aptina’s investors include Riverwood Capital, TPG Capital and Micron Technology. For additional information on Aptina visit or subscribe to the latest news from Aptina by copying the Aptina RSS feed into your favorite RSS reader.


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