Career FAQs

Answers to some frequently asked questions about working at Aptina.

How do I apply for a career at Aptina?
To apply for a job, select it from our Career Listings. You'll be taken to a job description page, where you can click "apply" to continue through the application process.
Can I apply for more than one job?
Apply for each position you're interested in through our online process.
Where can I find a list of the jobs Aptina has available?
Current job openings are posted at Aptina’s Career Listings.
When will I be contacted?
Generally, within two weeks from the closing date a member of our human resources team will contact a short list of applicants to arrange an interview. Applicants who have been interviewed but not selected will be notified of the status of their application.
What happens to my application once I submit it?
All applications will be matched to our requirements according to experience, qualifications, and interests. If key requirements are met, your resume/application will be forwarded to the appropriate department. Hiring supervisors there will then decide which candidates will be called for interviews.
What type of interview will be conducted?
We practice progressive interviews, wherein the direct supervisor or the recruiter conducts the first round of interviews. When all candidates have been screened, a group is selected to return for a second round of interviews.
What happens if my qualifications don’t fit the position?
If your qualifications do not appear to be a good match for the position for which you have applied, we may review it for other open positions. In the event that there is no position currently available, it will be kept in our database to be considered for future job openings.
What should I do if I discover a mistake in my online information, or if some of that information has changed, after I've submitted it to Aptina?
To update your information, simply reapply for the position.
Will my personal information remain confidential?
Absolutely. Aptina respects your privacy and follows all applicable privacy laws.