Recent Publications

Recent Publications

Sensor Defect Probability Estimation and Yield

Honghong Peng and Brian Keelan, Proc. SPIE SPIE 8299, p. 82992, 2012.

Derives analytical equations for predicting yield from defect rates based on assumptions regarding efficacy of defect correction schemes.

Detection Thresholds of Structured Noise in the Presence of Shot Noise

Feng Li, Brian Keelan, Robin Jenkin, and Alexandre Dokoutchaev, Proc. SPIE 8299, p. 829910, 2012.

Introduces an objective metric of structured noise visibility that explains results of an observer study, and uses the metric to plot detection thresholds on photon transfer curves.

1/3" Global Shutter CMO Quality versus Color Saturation and Noise

Brian Keelan, Robin Jenkin, and Elaine Jin, Proc. SPIE 8299, p. 829914, 2012.

Quantifies the affect of color saturation on quality through a psychophysical experiment, and uses results to construct a quality surface versus signal to noise ratio and percentage color saturation.