ISO 9001 Certified

Aptina was certified to ISO 9001 standards on November 24, 2008. KEMA Registered Quality, Inc., has been accredited by ANSI-RAB United States and RvA in the Netherlands.

ISO 9001 is one of a series of three international standards dealing with quality systems. It is a model for quality control in design/development, manufacturing, testing, installation and servicing. It is the most comprehensive level of registration in the internationally recognized ISO 9000 family for quality system management.

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ISO 9001 gives customers and suppliers a single set of guidelines that is accepted worldwide and that can be followed to achieve a definable level of quality. The third-party certification confirms that a company's systems for accepting orders, reviewing customers' specifications, manufacturing and testing products, and delivering those products to its customers are quality controlled and should produce consistent results.

A supplier's ability to conform to the ISO 9001 standard is assessed via the standard's Quality System Requirements - a set of twenty clauses, each designed to address a specific portion of a quality system: management responsibility; quality system; contract review; design control; document control; purchasing; purchaser-supplied product; product identification and traceability; process control; inspection and testing; inspection measuring and test equipment; inspection and test status; control of non-conforming product; corrective action; handling, storage, packaging and delivery; quality records; internal quality audits; training; servicing; and statistical techniques.

Aptina's ISO 9001 certificate, number 510006.010, and is valid until November 24, 2014. The scope of the conformity assessment includes Aptina's CMOS imager business, including the design, electrical and environmental testing, and marketing of CMOS imaging sensors.

ISO 9001 Certification

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