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If you know nothing else about us, know that we're one of the world's leading imaging-solutions company; providing CMOS image sensors, image processors and peerless technical and business acumen to customers around the globe.

That is a pretty bold statement right? It might be, coming from another company. But we’re the synthesis of foundational CMOS image sensor technology, stunning innovation, and second-to-none manufacturing quality, and we’re powered by people who are technically wise, visually-oriented, strategy focused, and utterly devoted to creating beautiful and accurate images.

You probably own an Aptina product. We serve all of the major mobile handset OEMs and module integrators. We have design wins with virtually every PC camera manufacturer. We’re the leading supplier of automotive CMOS imagers, and we continue to collaborate with OEMs and innovators to guide technology in that industry. Our solutions are driving wide-spread CMOS adoption in mass-market cameras and video recorders. And we continually seek out opportunities in new markets—like next-generation IP surveillance systems—where we can make a significant contribution.

Our legacy includes the NASA scientists who first developed active pixel sensor technology and is built on Micron’s revolutionary semiconductor process technology. We embody values and hold to a philosophy that is customer facing and success driven. Want to know what makes us tick? Want to know how we became one of the world's leading imaging solutions companies? Read on.


We’re technologists. We’re market-driven. We’re imaging.

We believe we’re the world’s foremost imaging-solutions company. We believe in providing great imaging solutions and providing great service and support. We’re focused on enabling our customers to capture, analyze, and render the clearest and most vibrant images possible regardless of application, form factor, resolution, or frame rate. We help make beautiful and accurate images and video the world over. We’re obsessed with imaging. We love just plain talking about what makes a great picture. This is our purpose, our ethos.

We’re Technologists.

We’re ablaze with innovation and inspiration. Exceptional pixels are our foundation, the basis for our best-in-class CMOS image sensors. Analog readout and image digitization expertise enables our designs to provide accurate pixel data at scorching fast frame rates while consuming little power. Proven imaging processing capabilities allow our solutions to render visual data in clear and vibrant ways. Put simply, we specialize in the creation and use of technical means to acquire, assay, and afford quality imaging solutions to and for our customers.

We’re Market-Driven.

We research, study, and understand the markets and applications we service. We reach out to our customers, asking questions, listening for answers, and developing strategic imaging solutions which are effective, easy to implement, and high-quality. Our thorough understanding of markets and applications gives our customers a competitive advantage.

We’re Imaging.

We’re solely focused on digital visual imaging. It is our business, our expertise. Our overall system design comprehension helps us integrate our technological innovation, love for the visual, and market strategy in a way that provides our customers with the foremost imaging solutions in the world.


At Aptina, we're committed to values, not rah-rah human resources or public relations propaganda. For us, values are the ideals, attitudes, ethics, and actions that we collectively embrace and for which we have an affinity. Our values are those things we know are important to our success and to our customers' success. And we're unimpeachably committed to our customers and to the business values that benefit them.


We value researching, studying, and experimenting in order to create new imaging devices and process software. We call this value innovation. From our world-leading pixel design to our imaging processing prowess and our system design expertise, it’s Aptina innovation that gives our customers–you–a competitive advantage in the marketplace as seen with our introduction of the first 10MP CMOS image sensor for point-and-shoot cameras (MT9J001), and the industry's first 5MP SOC with 1/4" format (MT9P111).

As an ideal, innovation is the spark that drives us. It’s the desire to improve and grow even though we have perhaps the best image sensors in the world.

As an attitude, innovation makes us unstoppable. There’s not a technical or business challenge we can’t overcome with innovation.

As an ethic, innovation governs our choices, leading us through experimentation and research to conceive brilliant new imaging solutions.

At the bottom line, we value innovation because it allows us to provide our customers with the most technically advanced imaging solutions available. These innovative solutions enable our customers to build in more features, reduce system costs, and in many cases gain a competitive advantage over similar systems that are not using an Aptina solution.


We value quality, image quality in particular. Image quality is that which separates stunning and true images from a grainy picture you would quickly discard. Image quality is often about beauty. Beautiful images are sometimes exact, what the eye sees, if you will, and beautiful images are sometimes what the mind’s eye sees; deeper blacks, truer colors, and perfect exposure. Aptina values that kind of beautiful image quality. We also value accurate images; images that capture information beyond the boundaries of human vision and provide high-quality data to a system for analysis and action in automotive, machine vision, and surveillance applications.

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  • As an ideal, quality is that rule which keeps us in check. It requires us to test and try carefully.
  • As an attitude, quality informs our business relationships, making us an exceptional partner and vender.
  • As an ethic, quality makes us responsible and focuses us on serving our customers well.
  • As an action, quality is the picture you see when you use an Aptina solution.

At its heart, we value quality because we value our work and because we value our customers. When we do quality work we are proud. And when we do that work for our customers, we are empowering them to try new things and lead their markets.

Thanks for choosing Aptina.


Market Leader

  • Aptina is one of the world's leading suppliers of CMOS imaging solutions, so our customers are assured of quality and supply.

Solutions Leader

  • Aptina solutions are designed into one of every three camera phones in the world, and we’ve partnered with every leading handset maker on Earth.
  • Aptina was the first imaging solutions company to develop a 2.2µm pixel architecture, a 1.75µm pixel architecture, a 1.4µm pixel architecture, and a 1.2µm pixel architecture. These milestones mean that our customers gain a competitive advantage and can design smaller and thinner camera systems.
  • Aptina was the first imaging solutions company to demonstrate a functional, reflowable wafer level camera module, enabling our customers to design ultra-slim camera phones.
  • Aptina’s automotive CMOS image sensors are in production automobiles in North America, Asia, and Europe, in vehicles like the HUMMER H2 Limited Edition, Daihatsu’s Move, the Volvo XC90, and many other vehicles, assuring our customers of our commitment to this industry.
  • Aptina has led the industry with the development of stereo vision imaging solution, opening the door for high-performance, depth-sensing camera systems.
  • Aptina image sensors can be found in every major brand of PC camera in the world, and in multiple embedded designs.

Technology Leader

  • Aptina’s CMOS process is derived from memory processes rather than logic processes, meaning that our pixels have better fill factors, greater sensitivity, lower noise, and better image quality than most of our competitors.
  • Aptina leads the industry in micro-lens technology, so our customers can design systems with aggressive chief-ray angles without fear of lens distortion or loss of image quality.
  • Aptina has the greatest breadth of imaging solutions in the marketplace so our customers, large or small, can find the right solution for their application.
  • Aptina offers customers complete image processing solutions from stand-alone companion chips to integrated SOCs.
  • Aptina leads the CMOS imaging solutions industry in high-speed image capture, allowing for new features in DSC or DVC applications, high-speed machine vision systems, and even customs sensors that capture HD video in excess of 300 fps.



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